1.3 Bug - Multipliyng form content on content insert

Here’s situation:

When i filling text fields in form, each key i write is apear 4 time.

For example. If you want write Exeoutput in input filed, result is:


Thanks for your report. I thought the bug was fixed, it should be definitively tomorrow in a new release.


Just to let you know: I just ran the update checker in ExeOutput 1.3, and the PDF creation demo was installed. I’m seeing this bug in the demo.


Did you install one of the Release Candidate or only the final release of ExeOutput 1.3?

That’s strange, I checked the version, and it was still installed in the beta folder, so I’ve just uninstalled and re-installed the version from the site’s download page, and I can no longer get the update checker to say there’s a PDF demo.

The uninstaller does not remove samples installed via the update checker. Since the PDF demo is still installed on your computer, the update checker does not show it in the list of new updates.
You can find the demo in the Shared Documents folder, for instance at C:\Users\Public\Documents\ExeOutput for PHP\Samples

Ah, I can’t find it - I must have deleted manually.


The web update utility stores its files at:
C:\ProgramData\GDG Software\ExeOutput for PHP\WebUpdates
(on Windows Vista - 7 at least)