(1) Validation messages (2) EXE file name title


I have two new issues in diffrent subjects:

I’m trying to use the validation (with the woocommrece kit) and when I test it without internet connections I get two error messages.

I thing that the idea is not to return any message in such a case because if I use VBA to handle it I will prompt a message with VBA.

Here are the messages:

(1 1)2

I noticed that the name of the excel file before compiling it to EXE is send to the top (after compiling it to EXE) before “application title” and it’s very uncomfortable, because if I have one excel file that is “Master” and I generate from it 3 variation products, It is force me to change the file name every time and I also need to change “xplcode”, “xplp”, “xplvba” extensions

thank you

  1. We’ll check whether these error messages can be avoided.
  2. Could you post a screenshot?
  1. Ok, waiting for check.

  2. as you can see, my application title in the XlsPadlock settings is : “Test Variation1” and the name of the excel workbook before converting to EXE is “Test”.

as you can see the result is “test - Test Variation1”:


I think that the main idea for leting us choose the “Application Title” is that it will agnor the name of the excel file before.

It’s not related to XLS Padlock directly: Excel shows the current workbook filename and the application title (which is Excel by default).

Ok but after convert to EXE if you change the name of the file, the name at the top will be still the name of the file on the moment you convert to EXE, so it’s a little bit strange.

But which file? The original source workbook file? Or the save’s filename?

The EXE file.

(By the way I’m using “Save changes automatically and load them without prompt next time”)

That’s the reason then. We use the EXE filename for the auto-saved XLSC filename.