2018 Version and Resource Usage

I have been noticing that V2018 uses more resources.

For instance, I have a compiled exe that builds student award certificates. It runs at 0% when there is no content shown. Once pictures and content are added, the CPU usage starts around 8% and can get up to constant 18-20%. The moment all content is removed and exe is idle, CPU is back to 0-2%.

It seems the larger the photo on screen, the higher CPU usage goes. Have never experienced this so at loss. Nothing on screen (exe idle) and CPU is 0-2%

I have tried disabling accelerated2Dcanvas, GPUcache and of course enabling them with absolutely with no change in CPU usage. Noticing there are 5 instances of EXE running?

Have had this working since V1.7 and it had no issues at all. Did notice in V2 that resource usage was little higher but nothing to worry about. Now with V2018 it is getting out of hand.

Any tweaks you can think of that may help?

The 5 instances are expected: several instances are managed by Chromium (see the documentation) and others are for the different PHP processes.
We suppose that Chromium 64 is more hungry with resources…