2019 help file won't load

Hi, I have upgraded to version 2019, but the help file system doesn’t work… ExoHelp.exe - I get the progress bar, but then gets stucks, and won’t load.

on the progress bar this is as far as it gets… eventually, I have to use system toolbar to kill the process.


Would be nice to get it working again. Thanks for any help.

Oh, rofl, just tried it again… very long wait - about 15 minutes, but did finally load this time.

Having pretty much same experience. After doing this (V2019 Hanging When Compile) it helped a little and does not happen as often. Still happens and have to kill the process via taskbar.

Never had single issue before V2019.

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cheers for that, will check it out…

Was on my mobile and somehow did not get whole reply posted…

Not sure how this setting would have any effect on loading the help exe file, but discovered it helped after having the hanging issue. Before making the change, help file would not fully load 4-5 out of five times. After making the change it seems to load 4 out of 5 times:)

We identified the problem and we’ll fix it in the next update. Thanks!