32-Bit & 64-Bit

I need the ability to be able to add files that are software updates, and self-extract them to a custom folder.

Self extractor would contain 2 files in this example.

Example, on a 64-Bit system when installer is run

c:\program files (x86)\App Name\file1.exe
c:\program files (x86)\App Name\docs\file.pdf

Example, on a 32-Bit system when installer is run

c:\program files\App Name\file1.exe
c:\program files\App Name\docs\file.pdf

I want to be able to do this with one installer using variables and/or custom actions.

Can this software do this?

Yes, you can do it. Just create a 32-bit installer, enter %PROGFILESDIR%\App Name in the “Destination Folder” page and it will automatically, on a 64-Bit system, choose c:\program files (x86)\App Name - and on a 32-Bit system, c:\program files\App Name.