404 from XLSPadlock online activation kit

Hi all - I’ve been trying to get the xlspadlock online activation kit to work but try as I might, I can’t get it. The standard ‘keygen.php’ thing works fine.

Whenever I try and setup the online activation server though, currently on https://xlsp2.rectanglered.com/xlspadlock-onlineact/ I just get 404 errors back… like this:


(html for 404 Not found if that doesn’t come out)

The website itself is up, and running PHP 7.3.32. Online activation URL looks fine. PHP error logs show a 404 error. Has anyone got the online activation kit working? Am I missing something?

I’ve done a search for 404 on this forum, but all I found was a 3 year reference to ‘validation isn’t implemented yet’… but I’m not doing validation, I’m doing activation, and everything in the docs tells me it should work. What am I missing?

Turns out I’d missed the bit about putting /getactivation on the end of the URL. Still having a problem with the online validation though - that doesn’t seem to hit my webserver at all.

The online activation kit has no specific validation code at all. You’ll have to write the code to validate your activations. Remember that the online activation kit is an empty shell for PHP programmers. For a more complete kit, use the WooCommerce Integration Kit, the FS Subscription Kit (or soon the PayPal Integration kit).

Thanks - I see that now; not a problem to implement activation. It’s hitting my webserver, I can get the various tokens, and checking the key against my database shouldn’t be hard from there.

I’m getting nowhere with online validation though; according to my webserver, it doesn’t even call it (I’m using the same URL as that used for activation), so how can I implement anything on my end? This is to handle the case of a subscription model, so I can switch it off in (say) 2 months time on my database by having suitable validation code on my website which again checks against my database. The problem is validation isn’t calling my webserver at all.

Ah, hang on. Are you saying that validation simply isn’t implemented for the online activation kit, and that it only works with WooCommerce? So, if I want to implement it, I need to ignore the validation option on xlsx padlock completely, and do it all in VBA within the spreadsheet? I assume there’s an easy way of getting hold of the activation token within VBA?

Yes, validation isn’t already implemented in the normal activation kit, but it’s on our TODO list for the incoming XLS Padlock 2022. It is in the WooCommerce Kit, so you can take the code from it. It’s rather easy to understand for a PHP programmer.

No, but it’s a good suggestion. I added it to our TODO list.

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