9 Quick questions

The more I use htmlexe, the more I like it!
I have some quick questions (actually, maybe some of them are not so quick). If you’ve already replied to these qustions, just ignore them:

  1. Can you use transparent pngs (or gifs) in the intro splash? Why
    is this important? Well, I think transparency can give a more
    professional look to some books. Here’s a quick sample. I’m not
    saying one is better than the other, it just gives more flexibility:

    Without transparency:

    With transparency:

  2. Can you add animated gifs or animations to the splash screen? (similar reasons, it can make a book intro a lot more interesting).

  3. In the application settings -> table of contents section, what is the expanded tickbox for? (perhaps to show expanded by default when the book is opened?)

  4. Fonts: What happens if I want to use a font that the user doesn’t have? how do I make sure that he can see the content the way I intended to? (I’m going to be using a free google-font)

  5. Is it possible to add some kind of new version checker to the book? (so that the user can find out quickly if a new version is out).

  6. Would file attachments be compiled or would they need to be extracted when a user installs the book? For example, say I have some files which the reader must open with another program, but I still would like the reader to be able to download them rather than install them directly.

  7. Is there any javascript which probably wouldn’t work with htmlexe or can we assume that if the javascript works with IE, it’ll work with htmlexe also?

  8. I’ve noticed that I can change the icons in the content menu. Can the style of the content menu (on the left) be changed? (background color/image, text, etc.)

  9. Will files using css3 be seen in the viewer? html5? (or does it depend on whether he hast the latest version of I.E., etc.).

Right now, no, but in the future, this will be introduced.

Same answer, but this is less sure.

AutoExpand means that nodes will show their subnodes when selected (the tree expands itself when you navigate it).

We have plans to offer support for some free google-fonts. We are still studying possible legal problems about that.

Search the forum. There is a workaround.

File attachments are compiled and automatically unpacked when you click a link for instance. See our help file for a working demo at http://www.htmlexe.com/help/externallinks

Since HTMLEXE uses IE webbrowser engine, it should work normally. Now, for security reasons, some code may fail (like code that works with window objects).

Yes, thanks to the skin editor available to registered users.

Yes, it works but only if the end user has IE9 or higher.

In HTML Executable 5, we’ll offer Chromium support too, which features a built-in HTML5 viewer engine.

Thank you very much for your reply, very helpful!

Great to hear about future support for transparent backgrounds for the splash images (it’d be great if that feature makes it into HMTLEXE 5.0), the Chromium support (that’s wonderful news indeed!) and the google fonts.

Excellent support, much appreciated.