A cryptic message in Version 2 --- No Input File

I am not sure what this message is saying. The EXE opens, and it appears it hits the index.php as my starting page and then it says “No Input File” … I have checked all file permissions, paths, etc. I am not sure what is generating the message. (( Exact same file structure, etc. as used in my version 1 project))

The log file shows:
3/18/2016 5:04:17 PM Scheme Request URL start: http://heserver/index.php
3/18/2016 5:04:18 PM PHP ERROR: Not Found

That is too cryptic for my weak mind to figure out … any help what is generating it?



This means that the PHP runtime could not access the virtual index.php file for some unknown reason. This is of course unexpected.
Could you try the General Demo EXE file that ships with ExeOutput 2?

Thanks. The General Demo EXE ran just fine with no issues. I have been trying other ideas to no avail. I can run the exact same project in my latest reiteration of v1 and all is well. Compiling the same code in v2 I get the error. Any other ideas where to look?



Okay … got it. In Version 2, I had to do two things differently to make things work as they did in version 1. To make the “no file specified” go away, I had to change the “Use absolute path for virtual Data subfolder” to the top root folder. Then, the program was seeing my index.php files. I am using an external database discussed in my other issue … I had to move it to the root folder and it opens fine.

The issue seems to be that ExeOutput V2 is somehow seeing the Data subfolder and the root folder as the same.

Anyway, this is intended as input to your beta work. Hope it helps. I am doing fine now and proceeding to port my code to version 2.



We’ll make further tests for the “Use absolute path for virtual Data subfolder” option. Thank you for the follow-up!

I am having the is exact same issue. Has there been any more work on this to solve? Should I open a new thread in the PHP2 Beta area to talk about this?

Do you have a copy of PHP installed somewhere else on your PC?

Not permanently. Only in portable software like servers.


My issue , any PCs updated with windows 10 version 1803 , with my exe v 2 says “No Input File”

The log file :
5/28/2018 5:55:50 AM Scheme Request URL start: http://heserver/index.php
5/28/2018 5:55:51 AM PHP ERROR: Not Found


Try the last version of ExeOutput for windows 10 version 1803. ExeOutput 2 is still available for building for Windows XP.

I’m getting this issue with the latest v2019 - but only with PHP 7.3

I’m on Windows 7 here.

Everything works fine with PHP 7.2 (using standard ini file), but when I switch to PHP 7.3 (also standard ini file) I get the blank screen and “No input file specified.” error upon running the compiled exe, and this in the error log:

14/01/2019 17:44:17 Scheme Request URL start: http://heserver/index.php
14/01/2019 17:44:18 PHP ERROR: Not Found

When I UNTICK "Use an absolute path for the virtual data folder X:\Data\ , the app works as expected.

Seems to be an issue with the PHP 7.3 config as 7.2 works fine with virtual data folder checked.

I also tried recreating the project from scratch in v2019 with 7.3 from the start, and get the same problem - to fix I can either switch to PHP 7.2 OR uncheck the virtual data folder checkbox for 7.3 and everything works fine.

@gdgsupport Any ideas? + are you planning to update the PHP versions separately via web update from now on? - was just wondering as I noticed quite important updates to all versions were released a couple of days ago… typical they get to released a couple of days after the new exeout version!

Very similar issues that @kim is having.

Plus header location issues along with software locking up on scan compile.

Yes, we were able to reproduce the problem. Windows internals of PHP 7.3 related to the file system were highly modified, compared to 7.2. We hope to have a fix for the “Use an absolute path for the virtual data folder X:\Data” option very soon. Until that, stay with 7.2 if you can’t disable “Use an absolute path for the virtual data folder X:\Data.”

More information please. A sample that would let us reproduce your problem would be great.

What is scan compile? When files are being compressed?

Better explained Getting required files for 2018.3