Accented character in src <img> tag problem

<img src="img/image.jpg" alt=""/>

No problem

<img src="img/imàgè.jpg" alt="" />


The application doesn’t show images that have got accented characters in the src path.
Any ideas to fix it? I can’t change the path and filename.


<img src="img/imàgè.jpg" alt="" />

Try to encode these accented characters in your HTML code. It should be:

<img src="img%2Fim%C3%A0g%C3%A8.jpg" alt="" />


Ok, it works, but I’ve got general encoding problems. I’m trying to convert all (html, php, database) to a UTF-8 standard encoding but something works, someone else not.

Maybe it’s a bad approach.

No, UTF-8 is a good idea.