Access violation at address 00000000 (SOLVED)

I seem to be getting a random fault:

Access violation at address 00000000. Read address 00000000.

This occurs when I access pages from the TOC or from the main menus button that are linked to a page, such as a HELP page. It can happen when the book is first opened. As I said, this seems to be totally random, I can open the book and page through it, take different links to other text and do this without the problem happening many time in succession. Another time, I can open the book and get the Access violation message straight away.

Has anyone else experience this? Have a suggestion?

Compiled book is 113mb running on a 3.3GHz duel-core processor, Windows XP Pro Service Pack 3

This is a very strange error. Have you tried your ebook on other computers? Is it an IE publication or HTML viewer one?

It is an IE publication. I have tried it on another computer with the same result. I have also had the error that “HTML Executable has to close, send an error report to Microsoft” - but I didn’t bother to send one because they never reply to these requests.

I have tried resetting all the settings and also rebuilding the book and recompiling the html files from scratch. I also tried different compression settings. “Enable built in server” is disabled because with this selected, I could not load flash or pdf files. Enabling the built in server (port 8080) did not make any difference, the error still happens. As I said, it is very random, the book can open many times and everything works fine, TOC, different hyperlinks in the text, JS routines, flash player all work - then I can open the book and get the error. When the error happens, the books navigation, (Search, Favorites, etc.,) respond to the mouse (rollover) but do not link to the files. If I keep trying, for example, clicking on various TOC entries, the book will sometimes work again, but not always.

The raw htm files load and run correctly in IE, Opera and Firefox with no errors. I ran an htm editor on my code and there were no errors, so the code seems clean.

When the book is compliled, the html executable compilation log shows no errors.


Is it possible for you to send me your EXE file? You can upload it to and send me the URL by email.

If I post this exe to your URL will it be available for anyone on the internet to see, or is it private?

Please send me your URL by PM or with the contact form at
It will be of course private. We do not share user files and delete them after the case is closed.

Apologies for not returning sooner.

I have found out what caused this error, it was nothing directly to do with your software. I developed my book using MS Frontpage (FP) and the problem was caused by the way FP handles tables and diagrams created using FP. These are stored in a generated folder and the illustrations are accessed via a filelist.xml file. This slows down the loading of these illustrations, not noticeable using a standard browser, but HTML Executable’s “heserver” seemed to struggle with locating and opening these files, returning the error message. A detailed analysis of the error showed the problem was with heserver not being able to access these FP generated image files.

I replaced the FP generated image files with jpg files, deleted the generated image files, wml filelist files and _vti_cnf files. This cured the problem.

Thank you for the follow-up.