Access violation sometimes

We will try to compile GSplit with a more recent version of our compiler, maybe this will help.
Thank you for your work and update!

running v3.0.1 of gsplit portable. most of time, on most platforms runs without issue.
On occasion with W7 or Server 2008 or (now) Server 2011 when the program starts a split I get cascading error windows that say:

Access violation at address 0058EF71 in module ‘Gsplit.exe’. Read of address 0000080C.

There are multiple error dialog boxes that keep popping up and only way to stop is to kill the gsplit.exe image.

What is odd is that sometimes, the split will work, and sometimes I get the cascading failure dialog boxes…same machine, same configuration…just run a few minutes apart while testing.

My hunch is that this may somehow be related to issues with DEP on the server.

Any thoughts? I am going to disable DEP, reboot and retry these tests to see if it stops failing - but I would be interested to know if you think there might be some libraries used by gsplit or some aspects of the code which could be at fault.


[attachment=0]gsplit access violation.JPG[/attachment]

Additional Information/Testing:

  1. Tried adding Gsplit.exe to the DEP exception list and re-ran. Still got same access violation errors sporadically (i.e., sometimes immediately, sometimes after 3-4 good runs.) So this is not the full solution.

  2. Turned off DEP using statement: “bcdedit.exe /set {current} nx AlwaysOff” Then rebooted.
    Re-ran the same split test as above, same config, etc. Ran it 8x without an error. Was never able to get this far with DEP enabled.

Based on this testing, I’m inclined to believe that there is in fact some DEP related issues with the Gsplit module or some module/library it is using.

So - my immediate issue is resolved. It would be nice if the application was built/linked in such a way that DEP was not an issue.