Accessing a external folder

This doesn’t seem to work when i have something like this

$data = “./data-new-data”;
$dir = scandir($data);

it doesnt find the folder specified, (code 2)

why on earth can’t i get it to work , even if i change to absolute path c:\data-new-data

what am doing incorrectly , ? the browser rendering engine is set to accept external paths from the settings universalURL this is driving me nuts

If you actually have a folder called “data-new-data” and is placed in same folder as your compiled exe, try this:

$data = $storagelocation.'data-new-data';

At the top of your php file containing your code, place this:

$storagelocation = exo_getglobalvariable('HEPubStorageLocation', '');

Working with external folders is a hit and miss experience for me. What works one time does not work the next and takes a lot of head banging on my desk:)

Hope this helps. If not maybe one of the EXEout admins or gurus can help…

Are you trying to scan an existing folder or a folder compiled in your application (virtual then)?