Accessing external image file and storing in database

we are having problem with accessing external file from exe compiled php file. we have written a coding to save the image file into database. after converting this to exe its not working. pl. share with me if you have any code. also pl. let me know how to write a file open code for exe after button click.

thanking you all in advance.

Where do you want to save that image and from where does it come from?

it comes from local system (from any folder) and its an image of the employee. We are storing that directly into database by using blob. its storing successfully when we run application in our local machine (w/o converting as exe).

pl. advice.

With my program I can save files on the local filesystem using file_put_contents. There can be some troubles if UAC is enabled, because the output .exe file is not 100% ready for this. I always use custom made .bat file to modify it’s manifest, but Resource Hacker can do it as well. I don’t know if this is your problem, but just in case. You can try to save files in “Data” at least.

I read files with file_get_contents, but in my project I only use files placed in “Data” folder.

Here is some information:

thank you for your quick reply. i need to clarify my complete problem here. we are entering the employee details along with their photograph which can be stored into mysql table. all the text fields and numeric fields are entering into table except the photo which we select by browsing from the local system.

however, the same code is running successfully in our local system.