Accessing to a folder with changing content

Is it possible to access to a folder with changing content?

$folder = “C:\folderA”;

$allFiles = scandir($folder);

foreach ($allFiles as $file) {

// do something with that file


Sure, because with ExeOutput, you create desktop applications, so they can access local folders, as long as they are not write-protected.

may i add something?
Do i have to enable something for this to work?
I’ve tried doing something like this,
A local folder with changing content,
Works fine in displaying the content after compiling,
but when i changed/or add new content to the folder,
the new content is not displayed and the list of content goes out of order,
not displaying all the other contents after the position where the new content was added,


Sorry I don’t understand your request.

im actually using an external folder(data/images) where end users can add new images into the folder

php code will fetch images from the folder:


<?php $dir = 'images/'; $handle1 = opendir($dir1); while($file1 = readdir($handle1)) { echo '< img src="images/"'.$file1.'" style=width:200px;height:132px; />'; echo $file; } ?>


the problem is i cant display the image,
it seems that i cant get exeoutput the find the image in the folder, but the filename appears during echo $file, only during < img src="" /> i cant get exeoutput to display the image, image appear as a broken file icon …
Any help would be appreciated. … Thanks

its working now… :smiley: