Activation Kit 2022 Issue

I’ve set up the Activation Kit for Woo Commerce and get the following error “Invalid server response format” what could be the issue?

Your server is probably returning some PHP error or notice in the output sent back to the EXE file. Try to check your PHP error log to find out.

However, it’s difficult to give you more info without access to your server and/or EXE file. Moreover, note that we don’t provide free support for debugging server errors of customers. If you are unable to fix the issue on your own side, you can purchase premium support from us.

Dear, I have the same issue, did you find any solution?
the “testsetup.php” file works fine, but the call to /activation/getactivation/## does not work…

No, I was never able to get it to work. I gave up on getting the Woocommerce feature to work!

You cannot have direct calls to /activation/getactivation/## for security reasons: your web browser will show unknown method because the framework won’t handle GET requests.
Only your compiled XLS Padlock application is allowed to access such URLs. There is no bug, it’s how it’s designed.

A new release of the WooCommerce Integration Kit has been released. Have you tried to update to it? It does not rely on the REST API anymore, so you should be more lucky.

Hi, I have indeed the new WooCommerce integration kit installed. When trying to activate the excel we get the error "invalid server response format”. We don’t see any relevant error messages in the server; should we look for a specific log?

dear, if we don’t get this working, xlspadlock has no use for us, since the online activation is the main reason we bought xlspadlock.

fyi, we now get this error when trying to activate the excel:

This means that the redirection is not working as expected. Urls must be redirected to the index.php in the root folder, so that the framework can handle them. On Apache, we use .htaccess for that but it seems you are on Azure (as it says WordPress on Azure). So, you have to use the web.config file shipped and ensure the rewrite rules defined in it are accepted by your server. Can you contact your webmaster or hosting provider? They will do it for you.