Activation with WooCommerce Integration Kit 2023 Error: Invalid user ID

Hello, I try to activate my workbooks through woocommer I get the message:
an error occurred while generating the activation key.

Checking the log I get the following:

[29-Mar-2023 00:54:34 UTC] HTTP 405 (GET /getactivation/51881)
[29-Mar-2023 00:54:34 UTC] [activation/index.php:20] Base->run()
[29-Mar-2023 00:54:44 UTC] XLS Padlock Activation Error - Key Generator Returned Error: Invalid user ID

I understand that my user id is my XLS Padlock purchase email or could you guide me with this detail please.

Responded to your ticket.

@gdgsupport Would it be possible to include your feedback/resolutions to issues like this on here also please (assuming it is not sensitive information obviously). I’ve given up with the online activation after moving servers and have been unable to get it working but the GET /getactivation was one of the many problems I was having and found no resolution. Thank you

Actually, you can get further information by enabling DEBUG in the config.ini
Near the end, change DEBUG=0 to DEBUG=3 and you’ll get more description for errors.