Adding an Uninstaller

OK I feel daft asking this. I read the help file which tells me to be sure to enable the “Include the Uninstaller engine” option first. I found how to configure it via the Advanced functions help but I just cannot find how to enable it! I have checked all the various options and nowhere can I find the option to enable so that I can include an uninstaller. I am sure it is staring me in the face…

Everything is on the “Configure Uninstaller” tab.

Make sure you fill in the “Uninstaller EXE Path:” this is where the uninstaller will be saved to - and what it will be named…

You can also access the uninstaller from the Windows Control Panel>Add/Remove Programs.

Ah! That tab was hidden - I found it when I dragged down the Functionality Tab. Also found some other stuff by expanding General and Build… Many thanks!

Yes, me as well. I looked for it for hours, and couldn’t find it, until I expanded the Functionality tab. Happened to me too, on my Windows XP system, but it is there, and works well.

Yes it works well once you know where it is!