Adding application to firewall whitelist

I created an application and when I executed it for the first time on a fresh machine, portable mysql database server refused the connection. Automatically firewall exception adding window popped up. I selected Private, Public, Work networks and clicked “Allow Access”, then restarted the application and then application started working. I compiled the software by requesting elevated rights as admin.
Is there any way to avoid this fist time firewall problem?

No, this is not possible for security reasons. The workaround is to add a firewall rule with an installer for instance.
BTW it’s strange that the connection was refused. In our tests, the firewall detects the initial connection, shows the dialog as you, but doesn’t stop it.
Which port did you use?

I used 3307

please reply with a solution

That’s a workaround: you could run a batch file to run netsh.exe advfirewall firewall for instance.
We’ll see how this can be done in Paquet Builder.