Adding External Files (SOLVED)

Thank you for the feedback.
Basically, you need to use HEScript to open external PDF files.

In ExeOutput, Application Settings => Scripting
Double click on UserMain and add this:

procedure OpenSubFolder(PDFName: String);
EbookPath, MyFolder: String;
EbookPath := GetGlobalVar("HEPublicationPath", "");
MyFolder := EbookPath + "\SubFolder" + PDFName;
OpenFile(MyFolder, "", SW_SHOWNORMAL);

Replace SubFolder with the name of your subfolder with PDF files.

Then in your HTML code, change to
More info about this syntax at


First of all congratulation for this excellent product.

I would like to access to pdf files that are placed into subfolder of my exe file. I would like to use and keep the pdf file external from the exe because I will have to update it later one without having to recompile the exe and I have more than 2Go of pdf files to navigate through.

Is it possible with exeoutput for php?

Thanks for your help,


Thanks a lot it’s working perfectly. I will proceed to the order of your product.