Adding uninstaller

I purchased the application to have the uninstaller and when i make the installer with the uninstaller option and if i go to control panel and try to remove the application it shows me that its already removed error and it doesnt remove the application from program files. Am using windows 7 and latest version of paquet builder

Did you already uninstall your package before? Have you tried to refresh the control panel? And in the program files, is there any trace of the uninstaller EXE and log files?

ya i can see the uninstaller files in program files(x86)/prijector/ if i run the uninstaller from here its working.

but if i try the same from control panel it shows me the error saying this application is already removed. do u want to remove it from here. if u can give me your email id then i can send you the screenshot

if i install in programfiles(x86) its not able to uninstall from control panel, please check the bug. but if install in a newly created folder its working

i use %PROGFILESDIR%\Prijector\ for default destination so it takes c:/programfiles (x86)/prijector. then am not able to uninstall the program from control panel please fix this bug and let me know what can i do to solve it.

The control panel is working fine. Maybe there is a problem within your project settings. Could you please post your PBPX project file? For instance, upload This is a
free and ad-free hosting service: after upload, they will give you a URL.
Please send me this URL so I can download the Zip archive.

Please reply asap Thanks in advance