Additional Chromium Args

Cannot seem t get EXEOut to recognize any entered args. For instance the ones below have absolutely no effect:

–allow-insecure-localhost --allow-outdated-plugins --ppapi-flash-path=Plugins/pepflashplayer.dll --ppapi-flash-version=

I know they are good, use them all the time in nodejs projects.I normally use this site to obtain

I also enabled “Plugins” and nothing changes. How the heck do I use this feature?


Some parameters are internally set by ExeOutput, so you can’t override them through command line. That’s why you have the Rendering Engine Options with all of the checkboxes. If some setting is missing, let us know and we’ll see whether it can be overridden/added.

Ok, thanks. Now I wonder which can actually be used in the arg field? Have not found a single one that actually works no matter which is entered. Is there a list of args that can be entered into the field?

Try to run the EXE file by passing options to command line. For instance myapp.exe –allow-insecure-localhost --allow-outdated-plugins --ppapi-flash-path=Plugins/pepflashplayer.dll --ppapi-flash-version= to see if they are recognized.

I will give that a try tomorrow or Monday. Never really attempted to run any of the apps by command line.