Adminer cant start

I am new to ExeOutput for php…Ive been trying to follow the documentation in creating a wordpress site, the problrm comes when I try to start adminer to create databases, i am given a notification input file not specified…Am stuck here dont know how to solve it

Did you rebuild the Adminer sample yourself? Or use the Web Update utility?

i have tried building it using both ways but the result is still the same - no input file specified

when I try to run the adminer-tool sample it says ExeOutput for PHP 2 not found on this computer…I am running
ExeOutput for PHP 2018.1…I dont know if that sample was intended for a previous version or whats happening

It’s because we built the Adminer EXE with ExeOutput 2. We’ll update the Adminer tool for ExeOutput for PHP 2018.2 to be released this month. Thanks for the report!

Fixed in ExeOutput 2018.2.