Adminer Error on client system

Hi, I gave adminer to my customer. So that he can also use adminer himself. However, there is an error on startup: CEF Binaries missing.

What do I have to deliver so that Adminer also works for the customer. It works for me when I have installed ExeOutput.

Thanks, Kai

The Adminer we built does not include the CEF runtime files. Please go to the “Redist” subfolder of your ExeOutput local installation, you’ll find the CEF installer file. Just send the installer to your customer and ask them to run it. Once files are installed, the Adminer EXE will work.

Hi, thanks much :slight_smile:
Please, can i get the CEF installer file without your advertising for ExeOutPut?

Regards, Kai

You can also run the installer with the /s silent parameter. There will be no dialog at all.

Thanks much. But when i send the installer to my client he will call the installer. The parameter call becomes difficult there. Are the install files available? Then I create my own installer.

And there is the about box too in adminer. I would love to have a ad free adminer :wink:

Many greetings, Kai

The best is to download the Adminer sample yourself at Adminer App Sample | ExeOutput for PHP - PHP to EXE Compiler Software - Make Windows Apps and compile the app with CEF files stored inside (normal behavior in ExeOutput). Or you can create an installer and configure ExeOutput to include CEF external files into the installer. Then, customize the installer the way you want.

Thanks very much. I´ll try that.

Many greetings, Kai

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