ADODB_Exception : Missing extension for postgres

I have an application developed in PHP that works perfectly in a Centos6 environment, PHP 5.3.3, PostgreSQL 8.4.20.

I’m setting this application for ExeOutput. I’m having the following problem:

06/08/2016 18:33:21 PHP message: PHP Fatal error: Uncaught exception ‘ADODB_Exception’ with message ‘postgres7 error: [-1: Missing extension for postgres] in CONNECT(, ‘dbu_gertex’, ‘****’, gertexdev)
’ in C:\Rede\PHPExe\includes\sys\lib\classes\ADOdb\
Stack trace:
0 C:\Rede\PHPExe\includes\sys\lib\classes\ADOdb\ adodb_throw(‘postgres7’, ‘CONNECT’, -1, ‘Missing extensi…’, ‘…’, ‘gertexdev’, Object(ADODB_postgres7))
1 C:\Rede\PHPExe\includes\sys\lib\classes\007-BancoDeDadosADOdb.class.php(148): ADOConnection->Connect(‘…’, ‘dbu_gertex’, ‘dbu_gertex_ge37…’, ‘gertexdev’)
2 C:\Rede\PHPExe\CustomEmp\app\webgertex_desenv\config\Config_app_db_inc.php(306): DBpgsqlADOdb->Conectar()
3 C:\Rede\PHPExe\public_html\app\webgertex\index_app_inc.php(87): require(‘C:\Rede\PHPExe…’)
4 C:\Rede\PHPExe\public_html\app\index_fw_inc.php(706): require_once(‘C:\Rede\PHPExe…’)
5 C:\Rede\PHPExe\Data\public_html\app\webgertex\indexExe.php(129): require(‘C:\Rede\PHPExe…’)
in C:\Rede\PHPExe\includes\sys\lib\classes\ADOdb\ on line 78
06/08/2016 18:34:02 PHP ERROR: HTTP/1.0 500 Internal Server Error

I use ADODB Library for PHP5 version 5.18.

What would be the procedure to resolve this error?

Thank you.

Make sure you enabled the correct PHP extensions in your ExeOutput project. It’s not through PHP.INI but the GUI of ExeOutput (PHP Extensions page).