After upgrade PHP Hook Error

I’ve just ungraded to 2020.2 from 2018 and I’m getting the error below.
PHP Hook Error
Duplicates not allowed


Then after clicking ok it says
No input file specified

I don’t have UwAmp or anything like that running.

This error occurs because the hook of PHP APIs did not work. Are you using any antivirus or other security software? Can you try the Main demo that ships with ExeOutput and tell us whether the problem occurs too?

I managed to fix the error by copying everything over to a new project in ver 2020.

Having same issue with 2020.2. Not using any anti-virus or security software. I tried the main demo and it worked with no problems.

I did a Save As to a new project, but that did not solve the problem. I assume, to resolve, is to create a new project and copy everything over to it? If so, kind of time consuming. And wish to avoid.

Do you think you could share us your EXE and EXOP project file? It seems this error is related to the project and not occurring in all EXE built with ExeOutput.

Yes. What’s the best way to get them to you? I know I can’t send an .exe via email. I could possibly provide a link for you to download.

Zip files and use to upload the Zip. Then post the link here (or send it by Private Mail).

Zipped and sent to [email protected] (via wetransfer,com).

Will I get a reply soon? Or I need to wait a bit? Thanks

Never mind. Tired of waiting. I did what honest did (copying everything over to a new project in ver 2020) and it fixed the problem.

Well, there was no fast reply because we haven’t found a solution yet. But it looks like that you finally found a workaround. Although this is not satisfactory for us.

Ok, sorry for being cursed. I received a notification that the download file had yet to be pulled. Maybe that wasn’t true.