Ajax, exec(), size of exo_setglobalvariable

Hi there, is there anyone that has been able to use php’s exec(), passthru(), or system() to work from a php line or is the security blocking this?

It fails for me although I can run them from the command line.

Further, I like to know the size limitation of the exo_setglobalvariable, anyone know?

I need a php script to be able to run in the background without any output, more like a command line however while I do my html code. All I can find is browser based. Ajax? Also, it would be better if I could run this exec() within the existing .exe so I can use the exeoutput variables. I have a program that runs for hours and I need its output in a browser window but if I use iframes the other windows does not populate until the last one does which is hours in the future. Again, AJAX?

Anyone has any comments or suggestions?


I believe that there may be security restrictions. I’ll make tests.
Normally, there is no built-in restriction on the size for exo_setglobalvariable.


Is there a way to run it in a command window instead of web browser output?

Do you mean a command-line window like CMD (like calling PHP.EXE from command line)?

Yes. It would be great to have output to a rolling environment and not a browser.

I need to have a back php running for weeks which produces data and one could either have it roll in a window (command) or as it is now, produce data that is then read by ajax so that the browser does not lock up.

However, the ajax is failing, see issue titled ’ Problem with ajax requests in new jquery 1.5’

I hope that we’ll solve this AJAX problem. We’ll also see whether EXE files can be produced without any interface (just like command-line programs).

Have you answered your statement ‘We’ll also see whether EXE files can be produced without any interface (just like command-line programs).’ posted Feb last year?

This feature is still on the TODO list, but it requires a lot of work.