Ajax on chrome, any alternative to Jquery?

Hi I was wondering if there is any other way of getting ajax to work under Chrome engine other than using Jquery $ajax - for unknown reasons (tried debugging but couldn’t find anything conclusive), my box2d.js code doesn’t like jquery library been added and complete fails when even the jquery .js is linked in the header.

This is more geared to the older exeoutput v 1.7, but if it can be done without jquery on version 2, prepared to migrate over to that version.

Thanks for any help.

Maybe your box2d.js code defines the $ symbol too?

cheers for that, will check. Thanks for your help.

Found out that the Prototype JS framework Ajax functionality also works with exeoutput so long as you add a unique url during each call, for example a timecount variable added as a query makes it work fine.


new Ajax.Request(‘getflow.php?time=’+timecount, {
onSuccess: function(transport) {
var response = transport.responseText || “no response text”;
alert(“Success! \n\n” + response);
onFailure: function() { alert(‘Something went wrong…’); }

ajax coding via the prototype framework shown here…


Solved my jquery issue this way.