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HI guy, I have configured behavior for special content of my swf file to virtual files. But when I am testing it on client machine, I can see swf files are being extracted to temporary internet files location ie.
Is there any way to protect my swf file to be extracted to hard disk or I can manually delete files and create files some where else.

SWF files are not really unpacked to the hard disk. Just check the size of the files you see in the temporary internet files location, they don’t have any contents and thus copying them is useless. HTML Executable must create these temporary files for the Flash Player to play them, but actually, they are empty!

Let me clarify few things.

  1. We are currently using the trial version to evaluate the htmlexe product.
  2. We are using hardware locked registration key
  3. We are also using virtual file for all types of files in the configurable behavior for special content.

When I use it on the machine where I created the exe. It creates a virtual folder in the Temporary Internet files folder and that folder is indeed empty. However when I test the same on a different machine, then it is creating the swf, mp4 files etc in Temporary Internet Files folder itself and they have data. Tester is able to copy them and use them.

Are the SWF and MP4 files compiled inside the ebook EXE file or on a remote website?

I am not sure if I have understood your question correctly. However answering based on what I have understood. We are compiling a series of html pages which use flash files and mp4 into a .exe file. All these files are within the same computer where we are creating the .exe file.
However the main HTML refers to a single flash file, which in turn calls other flash files and mp4 files which are also on the same computer. (In case you are aware of this tool, html calls a published version of articulate storyline course).

When you created the EXE file, you selected the source folder with all of your source files (HTML, SWF, MP4…). Are these files correctly compressed and embedded in the EXE file (see the compilation log) or are you hosting them on a remote website, for instance, you compiled the HTML file only in the EXE and the HTML file redirects to your website?

As per your information, I have attached link to the file please
download it.

Username and Password is already added by default. Just click

and then goto test -> contents -> “section 1” -> test

You’ll have to send us your EXE file and HEPX file for review.

You can zip them and upload them to

This is a free and ad-free hosting service: after upload, they will give you a URL. Please send me this URL with PM so I can download the Zip archive.

I have already given u link at

Please download the file from here

Username and Password is already added by default. Just click

and then goto test -> contents -> “section 1” -> test

Thanks. Files have been downloaded. We’ll study that.