All the Files will not extract

I am building a package that has different options to install printers in our enterprise. After putting the files in the components and testing only some of the files extract. It will not extract my .bat file. This is very annoying since the purpose of this PB is to extract files. The application that we are building is very simple. It should extract files and then the files will execute one of the bat files. It only extract half of the files. Anyone else experiencing issues??

.BAT file may be deleted by some antivirus programs. Do you have an antivirus program in your entreprise? Did you check if it could be the culprit?
You can check whether all files were unpacked or not thanks to the %TOTALEXTFILE% variable: contains the number of files that were unpacked (this does not take account of files that could have been skipped by end users). If the extraction failed, then %TOTALEXTFILE% will be set to “0”.