Always got the message "You should first save it before compiling it"

I am using Excel 32 bits 2013, Windows 8.1 64 bits.
When I compile a new workbook I always got the message “The Excel workbook has been modified.You should first save it before compiling it, otherwise …”. This message should not appears since I have just save it.

This issue continues with the new versión 2.0

Do you have other addin than XLS Padlock in Excel?

Only the default ones of Excel 2013 (Office 365 is what I have).
I use also the addin ASAP Utilities but it is disable.

What is the language of your Excel? Because we can’t reproduce the issue.

Language of my Excel is spanish.

Still can’t reproduce the error. There is no specific reason: XLS Padlock just asks Excel whether the file is modified or not. So there is something wrong with the answer from Excel…

I am using an excel file that runs a macro on the “worksheet open” moment and runs a macro on the “worksheet save” event which seems to cause this message and I am getting also this “you should first save it before compiling” message. This might be a hint. Since I am having problems with this file causing a VBE6.DLL error I do not know if the compiled version is causing this error due to a lack of saving.

That’s an interesting hint. What does your macro perform? Does it modify the workbook?

The macro are very simple. When opening the workbook it starts from one single row with around 200 (column) cells of formulas it copies down these cells for about 5000 rows and thus creates a bigger 5000*200 cells workbook in order to simulate an event. And when being saved the macro clears all the rows except for those at the beginning which at the next opening are needed to create the workbook again. By doing so the saved file is rather small. I have done this because your encryption for a secure file takes a lot of time. The bigger the file the more time your encryption algorithm needs.

I’m wondering whether this macro behavior could explain the 45 MB file size of the compiled EXE file. See the other thread about the temporary workbook…