An error occurred while generating the activation key


My customer gets this message after insert online activation (mail address - order number)

what to do please ?


I noticed this blog post on the website yesterday and applied a change with regards to generating activation keys.

Have you seen this?


Thank you !
I didn’t notice this post, thank you again :grinning:


Thank you for this @altair - I had no idea this had been “announced” so completely missed it. Only found out as users started raising issues over failed activations. Really quite disappointed this wasn’t screamed at me - I certainly didn’t see any emails.

We sent emails about that change some time ago to the registered users subscribed to our newsletter. Due to the GDPR, we cannot send you emails unless you gave us your consent.
Moreover, some emails can end up into the “ads” folder on gmail…

I will try and work out where to subscribe again - I certainly do get some emails from you, but if you did send it out, then I apologise @gdgsupport , and accept it was an oversight on my side.