An unexpted error occured while unpacking file(s). Error code:-6

I am getting this as soon as I launch my compiled EXE on the first try, but if I launch it again it works. Can you please help me fix it?


Try this if this can help you:

Thank you but that is the option I am already using. More detail:

OS: Win 10 Build 1809 64-bit
Application/Exe: 64-bit
Password protection: Enabled
Filesize: 1.7Gb
Splash bitmap: Enabled

And you have enough free memory? Is Windows Explorer opened at the folder where you are trying to unpack files to?

Yes, almost 6GB free of the 16GB available. What is strange is it always fails on the first run but succeeds on the second. It fails immediately after entering the password right before the splash.bmp and #Extracting status bar is displayed.

Windows explorer is not opened to the location that I am trying to unpack the files to.

Just to check: could you please remove the password temporarily?
And which version of PB are you using?

Yes, I will try that right now. I am using 2018.1. Is that the latest?

Yes, that’s the latest. Do you think you could also send us your PBPX project file for review?

I’m sorry, the project can’t be shared, however, I have tried taking the password off and the issue persists so I don’t think it has to do with that. Now I am thinking it may have something to do with the progress BMP I am using so I will try it with/without that and see if it helps.

OK. Please keep us informed about this issue.