Andre : The name must not be identical to a predefined name

When I open a .XLSC backup it appears the following message just before opening:
“Name already used”
“The name must not be the same as a predefined name”
“Former name: Criteria”
“New name: _____________”
If I type any name including my last name for example “CAFFIN”, the file opens and everything works normally.
If I close everything again and restart the same message, if I enter the word CAFFIN, the system refuses. I have to enter another different one for the file to open.
If I choose to cancel the entry of a name, I get another error message:
“EXCEL has failed to open the protect workbook. Possible raison are corrupted workbook (The most common reason) ), invalid workbook open password, data validation used with protected formulas. Please contact the application’s provider”
Could you tell me why I have this message at the opening and how to possibly avoid this warning message.
Thank you in advance.

Please check the named ranges available in your source workbook. Looks like there is some problem with them.

Hello, thank you for your answer.
Following your recommendations I went in “Formula” then “Name Manager” then “Filter names with errors” and the display is empty, no error found. So there is no error in the named name ranges.
I deleted the file compiled by XLS PADLOCK, I compiled again, it worked at the opening, I saved under a name, then opened the backup file again, it worked after several attempts, except that it appeared again, without changing the formulas.
I started the entire procedure with an earlier backup of my EXCEL file and again the error message appeared after several backups.
What I can conclude is that it does not seem that there is a problem with the formulas in the excel spreadsheet because sometimes it works, and then the error message comes back. On the other hand once the error message appeared, all launches later are impossible, the message comes back systematically.
Would you have another track because I am very bored my client is impatient.
Is it possible to send you my excel file by mail so that you can see the problem yourself.
I will specify that I did a compilation keeping the default settings, it did not change anything.
Thank you for your reply.

Can you take a screenshot of the message you get so we will have the exact title?

Sure, you can contact us by email with the one available at

Hello, Thank you for your feedback. In the meantime I did some thinking, since my name ranges did not seem to have any anomalies. I first removed all the protections from my sheets and displayed all the hidden sheets that were not to be seen by the user.
By this option the problem no longer appeared. After proceeding by elimination, I came to the conclusion that we could not hide sheets in which some data or variables or range of name perhaps, were integrated.
To fix the security of my user, I created a hidden tabs in the options VBA code when opening the workbook, and then I created a page with buttons to access the pages that I 'authorized.
Since the user does not have access to the formulas or the settings with the options, I am secure with respect to the modification of the data.
My explanations are a little long, but they can be useful to the community if this problem could occur.
In the immediate future we can consider that the incident is closed, except to discover in the treatment to come again this concern.
Thank you for your cooperation and your prompt responses. It is the guarantee of a seriousness of your services and also the tranquility to know that one can count on you in case of difficulty.

The next version of XLS Padlock will bring a new approach for formula protection. Perhaps this one will be more compatible with your complex workbook.