AngularJS - The Dropdown option that won't work

Hi there everyone. (and potential genius that’s going to help me solve this)

I’m having a bit of an issue with javascript in my publication. AngularJS to be exact. I use the software to distribute and control access to our company online shopping portal. So basically, without the app, you cant access our online shopping and can’t share our prices with the competition. -yea, my boss is that paranoid-
It all works fine until you need to use dropdown options “selectbox” and checkbox options. For some reason the htmlexe publication cannot process those scripts however radiobuttons work perfectly well even though they are AngularJS as well.

I managed to get away with removing a dropdown option here and there but the more complex our online store becomes the more it becomes impossible to avoid. And that’s where I am now. You can test it yourself, go to w3schools and copy the code for a basic dropdown in AngularJS and compile it in HTMLexe, no execution on the code. (The code works fine in IE, GC, FF and every other browser i could get my hands on)

Now i can’t ask the company we use to host our online store to rebuild their entire product in plain html or javascript because they will just laugh and shoot the toaster.
I tried compiling in EXEoutput for PHP and then everything works fine, but we lose ALL security. Screen protection, redistribution protection, license keys, everything that we need the app for in the first place. Then there is no point.

Can someone please assist me or maybe point me in the right direction?

PS. I’m not a code expert but i know my way around code, if that makes sense.

Unfortunately, it’s not related to AngularJS but to the Webbrowser engine used by HTML Executable. There is a known bug never fixed by Microsoft related to dropdowns. First, try this workaround:

Thanks for the reply. So i tried the MS update, Changed to the values to “0” and still no change. Is there another way to make it work?

Check this:

Thanks for your mail. Unfortunately, no change. The issue is not with the width of the dropdown. The dropdown works and displays fine. The problem is that the dropdown does not do anything once selected.

Download the link below, it is an html file with a basic dropdown in it. Open it in your browser and see how it responds to a selection. Then compile it with HTMLEXE and see the results when selecting an option in the dropdown. Nothing happens.

Please see if you can get it to work in your system.

I now need Urgent assistance with this as this function is causing our project to fail and we will need to abandon the software and I really don’t want to do that.

Has anyone been able to get this to work as yet? I’m not very hopeful at this stage.

Bad news. We got some response for the drop down and since HTMLEXE 4.9.x uses the Webbrowser control which is based on the Trident/IE engine, select Drop Down Box are known to have some rendering problems that can’t be fixed.
You’ll have to wait for the release of HTMLEXE that will have the Chromium engine.

When is this release scheduled for? Please can i then have a refund for the 2 software licenses i bought.

We responded to your email.