Animated Gifs for Splash Screen

Hi All + @gdgsupport,

Does anyone know how to/if it’s possible yet to do animated GIF files for splash screen? That would be beyond sexy!



We would have to implement specific additional code to handle animations of animated GIF. We’ll see if it’s possible, thank you.

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I would love to see this feature too! Is there any news on when it is going to be implemented?

Still on the TODO list because animated GIF support isn’t built-in into Windows APIs.

Hi @gdgsupport,

I had another client ask about this as they have a really cool gif and mp4 splash screen for their logo, they were wondering if there was any format of video that would work? If not gif, we could convert it if there’s a format that does work.

Thanks again for such amazing software!!!


Unfortunately, we currently only support static images for the loading screen.

Hi @gdgsupport
It’s over 3yrs now. Can we have an update on this amazing feature if implemented?
Thank you.

It should be available in Beta 2, but it’s not sure that transparency will be handled.