Annoying dialog box showing up when audio is played


A customer of mine is presented with an annoying dialog box (progress monitor) whenever he clicks on audio play buttons in my ebook. Can that be supressed? Other customers don’t have that issue. My customer works on Win 7 64bit.

Here is what he wrote to describe the issue further:

OK, here is a screenshot. Unfortunately my OS is in slovenian language.

Short translation:

Preverjanje…od… - Checking…from… (or Verifying…)
Ocena časa… - Estimated time
Mapa - Map
Začasna mapa - Temporary map
Hitrost prenosa - Download speed (or Transfer speed)
Odpri - Open
Odpri mapo - Open map
Prekliči - Cancel

I think it might be some sort of system security control since the file is coming from this heserver, obviously your localserver. However, the dialog closes automatically after a very short time (second or two) - so it has no practical value…

Hope it helps clearing the issue.

My customer sent me an additional email, saying that there is a second dialog box coming up as well which he overlooked before:

Translation is:

now I found out that there are actually two dialog boxes - the first one appears for a very short time and is quickly overlayed by the second one that I did not notice it so far. The snapshot is enclosed. The translation of the dialog title is:

Completed 0% of 01_J_10_A_17.mp3 from heserver.

And the picture displayed is actually the usual windows animation showing that some file transfer from the internet server is in progress.

It looks like your customer has some Internet Explorer filter plugin that interferes. Maybe a security software? It’s difficult to tell.