Antivirus error - when xlspadlock check time of expiration


I have this error in Norton Antivirus and i have this error sometimes when I run my exe file for end user.

I see that antivirus error appear when xlspadlock check time of expiration. Can you help?

After that when I try to turn on Excel I see statement there was a problem with helper add in, and ask me if I want turn off this add in. This statement is only in first run Excel after previous error. The worst is that my secure save file gone - probably antivirus deleted him.

Could you post your EXE file to for review?

Thank you for answer. !
Here is screen from
There is 4 warnings.

What you suggest next?

Do you have a code signing certificate?
If not, you can also report the false positive to Norton and ask them to fix the issue with your EXE file.
Note that Norton did not trigger any problem on