Antivirus software avast blocks my ebook

When I start my ebook, Avast antivirus show me a warning message:

[quote]You are opening an application that may be potentially unsafe.
We strongly reccomend opening this application in the virtual environment of the avast! sandbox to avoid any risk to your computer.[/quote]

May be because it is simple exe file. I know that is absolutly safe, but my clients are not so sure.
What can I do to resolve the problem?

In your case: maybe you should digitally sign your .EXE files. Our ebook compiler HTML Executable allows it:
EXE files with a digital signature can be more trusted since the signature embeds the details about the publisher.
I read that antivirus companies started to use digital signatures of EXE files to remove their “more and more” frequent false positives.
If you want to get further info and hints about code signing, you can email me or send me a PM, as I don’t want to make advertisement here.