Application crash when executed from non output location


I have created application with an Java applet which deployed by a local server, build binary crashes when executed other locations apart from application output location,

So application works fine when executed from application output location.

The crash happen memory violation in heserver.dll or exeverify.dll.

Kindly check and update on the same.

Are you using any antivirus program?

Yes, We are using mcafee antivirus, I check whether its blocks above DLL.

Still the application working fine in output location.

We checked AV log we don’t see any block but only warning so there is no issue with respect to antivirus program.

we are using windows 7 pro 64 bit and htmlexe4.7 version.


We plan to buy a commercial license of htmlexe is there any beta release to support all JAR and applet




Even your offline Clock3D applet application also not running in my machine

The crash is certainly due to the antivirus or another program you have on your computer which is injecting a DLL hook into the process and then interferes. HE 4.7 works fine on Windows 7 x64.

Your built in server option also not working as expected

It’s not related to the crash you reported first, so don’t mix topics on this forum.

I try to load JAR and class files by using in built server option. still application get crashed

Sample clock3D applet application also get crash the help application

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