Application distributed on CD

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I have compiled an application through XLS Padlock which is downloadable from my website with “Use Hardware Locked Keys” and “Get Key Online”. I have also (with new version of XLS Padlock) incorporated Paquet Builder to “Make Setup” etc. I intend distributing my software on CD as well. I did some tests with CDs and managed to, directly after setup, run the program and “Get Key Online” with “Hardware Locked Key”. However, I found that my program can be installed from this one CD onto many computers.

I have two questions: (a) Is there a way to “Auto Run” the CD when inserted in DVD/CD drive, instead of having to “Open folder to view files”. (b) Is there a setting in either XLS Padlock or Paquet Builder to limit the number of times the CD can be used/copied and/or to only allow the CD to be used on one computer (system ID)? (I don’t want to buy more/another software suite to achieve this).

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Johan Strydom

The sole way is to manage yourself (with some dedicated webapp) how many activation keys a customer is allowed to generate online. For instance, you can create a webform that requests the system ID and an email address. When submitted, your webapp checks that the email address is in the database of customers, and store the system ID in a new row. You can then track the number of “activations” and stop the customer from generating more keys.

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I am exactly doing what you are describing above with my application distributed via my website, and it works fine. I intend distributing my application on CD as well. Is there a way that I can write a user’s computer system ID to the CD so that the CD can only be used on one computer (Hardware Locked)?

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Unfortunately, we don’t have this feature. You’ll have to use a CD-protection SDK, but they are highly expensive…

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I am using both XLS Padlock and Paquet Builder to compile my application. “Max Execution Count” in XLS Padlock will obviously not work in my case. Is there perhaps a setting in Paquet Builder that can limit the number of times an application can be “Setup” from the CD?

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No unfortunately. In your case, the sole way would be using the Internet to check how many activations are done per CD. But I guess that if you distribute on CD, you don’t want Internet requirement.