Audio in Windows 10 not working


I have an issue with executable files generated by HTMLexe that are being used on the new Windows 10.

I generate my files as an Internet Explorer executeable, therefore I believe the issue might be related to the fact that Windows 10 does not actually include Internet Explorer anymore. The executeable files run without any issues on computers with older versions of Windows (that still include IE), but on computers with Windows 10, no audio is played.

Is there an update planned to ensure compability or is there a workaround present at current? Or maybe there is something I don’t know to ensure files are running on Windows 10?

This will be a growing issue for my customers, as I expect them slowly to move forward to the new Windows.

Any ideas? Thanks for your help in advance!

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Which way did you choose to embed your audio in your publication?

They are mp3-files directly inserted into the HTML-file, I am fairly certain that Flash was used to achieve this. How can I make sure.

Edit: can it be HTML5? I am not too experienced with the details. Here is a codeline with one audio:

<div align="center"><div class="html5_button"><a href="Articulation Examples - SD.mp3" class="sm2_button">Walking</a><p class="p_title"></p></div></div>

Once again, if it does not help you, please tell me how I can find out and I will do just that!

Thanks in advance!

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Try to replace this part:

<a href="Articulation Examples - SD.mp3" class="sm2_button">

with that one:

<a href="Articulation Examples - SD.mp3" class="sm2_button" target="_heopenit">


unfortunately, that did not change anything for Windows 10!

Any other suggestions? And if it’s a change in the code, is there a more efficient way to replacing the faulty lines instead of going through them one by one?

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In Windows 10, Microsoft made changes for file associations. What application is configured to open MP3 files on your Windows 10?

It was set to Microsoft Groove, which seems to be their new app to play music. I switched to Media Player to test it (it did not offer any alternatives) and it still didn’t work.

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Please open the HTML Executable Documentation and go there:

Click the Play MP3 link. What happens?

It opens up Windows Media Player to play the file. Does that help in any way?

Yes, this sample proves that audio in Windows 10 seems to work on your computer too. So the problem lies somewhere else. In our sample, we use the same way to open and play the media file than

<a href="Articulation Examples - SD.mp3" class="sm2_button" target="_heopenit">

You said that the target="_heopenit" doesn’t change anything, but do you get any error message?

Just for trying, could you add a dummy MP3 file named "dummy.mp3 " in the root of your publication and use this code in the faulty HTML page?

<a href="dummy.mp3" class="sm2_button" target="_heopenit">Test Dummy MP3</a>

I did not get an error message the last time I tried to add target="_heopenit" and it didn’t work.

The dummy file you asked me to create however did indeed work. Unfortunately, it opened up a seperate instance of Media Player, which is not the way to go for our customers, but the dummy itself got played with that.

I hope that helps you. What would be the next step?

So audio is indeed working in Windows 10.
Now we must find out why your other MP3 isn’t working.

Use the same example but copy “Articulation Examples - SD.mp3” as another file, rename it “dummy.mp3” and overwrite the old dummy.mp3.

Actually, that is just what I did last time you asked me to create a dummy-mp3 file. I copied one of my articulation mp3s, renamed it to dummy.mp3 and put it into the root folder of my publication.

When I clicked it, the file was played in a seperate instance of media player (which was opened by clicking the file in the executeable).

Is that what you meant?

Just a last test: try the same manipulation but with “dummy 2.mp3” name. I suspect that this is more a naming problem than audio one.

This works exactly like the other dummy file I created: it plays the file in a seperate instance of media player.

So what does this tell us?

If you take the code you posted:

<a href="Articulation Examples - SD.mp3" class="sm2_button">Walking</a>

it requires the Articulation Examples - SD.mp3 to be in the root folder of your publication, and not in a subfolder.

Is it the case?

Most of my audios are NOT in the root folder, as the executable is structured in different chapters. The .mp3s are in the respective folders of those chapters (the same folder where the respective html-page is). The only audio-file that is in the root is the dummy-file currently and the starting index page of the executable. The rest is in folders.

Here is an example of the code in one of the chapters:

<div class="html5_button"><a href="01_I_07_A_01.mp3" class="sm2_button">Walking</a><p class="p_title"></p></div>

The respective audio is in the same folder as the page, therefore the link should be working and has always worked in the past. It still works on every computer that does not have Windows 10.

Does this information help you in any way?

The _heopenit target parameter requires the full virtual path for the MP3 file to be played.
So this explains why the dummy MP3 files play as expected, and not the normal MP3 in your publication.
I suppose that something changed in Windows 10 Trident engine so that links without the _heopenit tag stop working.
We’ll study this problem and see what can be made.

Thanks for the answer!

Do you have any idea about the time frame of the potential fix? And will you inform me here when you found a solution?

We’ll try to get a specific build for you, we’ll contact you by PM