Autocomplete not working

Hi. I’m currently using Exeoutput for PHP 1.7.

I’ve got a simple autocomplete which connects to a php script, that works fine in the Trident browser but not on Chromium.

Can someone tell me why this might be happening?

I’ve used version 2, but I get too many mistakes for now (I can’t figure why…)

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Your autocomplete is probably working with some AJAX code, not correctly handled in Chromium (version 1.7). Of course, in ExeOutput 2, it would work.

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Thanks for the reply - I think the problem might be there.

Still, why does the same project compiles correctly in exeoutup 1.7 - without any problem - running in trident, and gives, for example, index errors (in variables) among many others in version 2? This doesn’t make any sense, don’t you agree? Why a perfect compilation in 1.7 and a substancial wrong one in 2?

Is there any diference in the syntax?

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The reason could be the change of the PHP version. In ExeOutput 2, by default we use PHP 5.4 or higher. In ExeOutput 1.7, it was PHP 5.3. Maybe your PHP code is not compatible? Or check if PHP errors are not related to how errors are logged by the PHP (check PHP.INI settings for instance).


It seems I’ve found where the problem might be…

The error comes after a dll call - which works in version 1.7

Since the call gives a null string in reply, the errors follow.

Why does it work in version 1.7 and not 2? Is there a particular setting that must be activated?

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How do you call this DLL?


In the working program - in 1.7 - there’s a dll function like this (in a Test module):

function kepler_test(tjd : double; {Julian day number}
ipl : Integer;
iflag: integer;
sid: integer;
hsys: integer;
longitude : double; {planet number}
latitude : double {flag bits}
//var xx : double; {first of 6 doubles}
//sErr : pansichar {Error-String}
): pansichar; cdecl; external “kepler.dll” name ‘kepler_main’;

The function is called by this function:

function Test_kepler(jd : double; ipl: Integer; iflag: Integer; sid: Integer; hsys: string; longitude: double; latitude: double): String;
S: String;
MyFolder: String;
Ephem: String;
S := “”;
MyFolder := GetGlobalVar(“HEPublicationPath”, “”);
Ephem := MyFolder + “ephem”;
Result := kepler_test(jd,ipl,iflag,sid,ord(hsys),longitude,latitude);

This all works in 1.7

In php, I call:

$res = exo_return_hescriptcom(“Test.Test_kepler|$tjd|$i|$iflag|$zod|$hsys|$lon|$lat”,“Error”);


What is the value of $res?

Suposely, a string of numbers (data) which are processed later like:

279.859214535, 1.019382942, 0.000230059, 4.016503835,-23.071121961, 0.983331858

As I’ve said, in 1.7 works.

And what do you get in V2?
Do you think you can send a subsample of your DLL with a simple call so that we can test it?


Hi. Of course. Allready sent a ziped file.

Good morning

Didi you had the chance to verify the test file I’ve sent?

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It will be tested soon. We’re upgrading our compiler and development environments so it is taking time.