Automatic email to customer with the activation token after purchase

Hi Support,

Reading your “WooCommerce integration kit” guide, it says “Some WooCommerce plug-ins allow sending emails to customers after purchase: be sure to include the activation token in the email.”.

Can you please recommend a plug-in to do that?
I have seen many plug-ins but not sure which one is more suitable to work with the XLS Padlock.


We haven’t tested several plugins for that because we already had our own homemade plug-in. But one that can work is:

The activation token format is CUSTOMER EMAIL-ORDER ID so with the plug-in above, you can create an email template with this shortcode [ec_email]-[ec_order]

If you test our demo (woocommerce shop) here:
you’ll see that we integrate the activation token in the email sent to the customer after a successful order.

There is a nice free plugin here:

It works for me with the settings as shown on the screenshot.


Great find! Thanks! We’ll let know other customers!