Automatic Generation of Directive Files

If it’s there I can’t find it - the ability for Paquet builder to generate the directive file from a project instead of creating it from scratch. That way you could use the GUI to easily create your project and then go on to automate it.

If it isn’t already available - it would be a nice future feature…

Actually, I don’t think creating full directives from the GUI would be helpful. Directives are especially “transforms” allowing you to use an existing project template (made with the GUI), change some of its parameters (optionally) and build packages automatically.

Maybe we could add a feature to generate a basic directive skeleton, from an existing project. What do you think?

I think that would be exactly what I was looking for. If I understand it correctly those parameters that you would include in the directive file are representative of information already in the project template.

The real reason for this would be for continuous build of the compilation anyway - probably without any changes to the project template per se.

For continuous builds without changing package files or project settings, you can use the Console Command-line Compiler. It works fine in automated builds (for instance, we use it with Jenkins).