AutoShowUrls not working


Not the issue, can hide all but that is not what I want or need :slight_smile: Issue is asHideInternal does not work as described. Needs to be fixed…

Yes, it’s a bug due to the HTTPS protocol now enabled by default.
If you remove this option, it works:

Will be fixed of course in next update. Thanks :wink:

Good news there is fix. Must have https on in my school app.

Hope new release hitting the shelves soon :slight_smile:

Got an idea when next release will be out? Not trying to bug you, but have a project that must be able to show URL’s status bar only if they are external. Getting pressure to complete the project but cannot due to this issue.

I really really really hate to be one to ask over and over. Got students that do that, lol

But, any idea when this bug will be fixed / new release?

I really do not want to move forward using another platform, much rather use exeout…

Any update on this real issue?

We can prepare a hotfix for you if you are OK. The next release is a big one, so we have to spend more time on it.

Don’t worry about it, I have moved the project over to Visual Studio. Just spend your time on the update:)

Here is a hotfix for the current V2020.2 release:
Please let us know if it is OK for you. Thanks for your patience.

Best I tell on quick test the internal URL’s are hidden. Thank you very much!

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