Batch processing issues

This concerns a couple of issues I came across in my attempts to use gsplit from a batchfile/command line.

  • The helpfiles state that gsplit.exe may be invoked with “” as the first argument. It proves that things only work when “no” is used which only becomes clear when reading the header of an example gsplit batch file. Other options like " " or “xx” also do the trick. It boils down to the fact that no empty string is allowed.

  • Trying to split a file in two halves with only one occurence of a Pattern generates an error (4) when the “SplitBeforePattern=1” option is used. This also happens when working from the GUI.

  • Using the option “NoPieHeader=1” in a batch causes the application to hang. The only way to overcome this is by using a profile (.gsc) file.