Best way to save settings

I’m only just trying out ExeOutput at the moment, so sorry if this is obvious or has been answered before.

I am building a little test app for now. It needs some user defined settings to be set and editable, but persistent between times the app is run. The settings are simple enough - they could be stored in a serialized array in a string or something.

So if they run the exe, they set their settings within it, use the program then close it. Next time they run the exe it should have kept the settings from last time.

Could I use Cookies? How/When might they be cleared?
Save a settings file? How to read/edit it? And where would it be saved?
Is there a better way?


I think that global variables are much better in your case than cookies. Global variables are a feature specific to ExeOutput.
In PHP, you would use:

string exo_getglobalvariable (string $name, string $default);	Returns the value of the global variable whose name is name. If the global variable does not exist, the default value is returned.


string exo_setglobalvariable (string $name, string $value, bool $isstored);	Sets the Value of a global variable whose name is name. If isstored is true, the global variable is persistent: its value will be stored and restored the next time the application is run.

For instance, when you want to save settings, use:

exo_setglobalvariable ("globalsettings",$mysettings, true);

And to restore them:

$mysettings = exo_getglobalvariable ("globalsettings", "");

brill, tbat sounds perfect. ill give it a go tomorrow.
thanks a lot!