Beta - Request multiples pages cause error

Imagine this:

<a href="script1.php">Button</a>
<a href="script2.php">Button2</a>

Until the script1.php is loaded the end-user can click multiples time in “Button” or in “Button2”.

If you click in “Button” and after click multiples times in “Button2” or in “Button”, the EXE will crash. Show a error (in french) about memory access.

Note: the two pages is loading and editing the same $_SESSION, this can be a problem since the SESSION cannot be edited by two process.

Fix: Only add a loading page that show when user click in a, this will prevent click in another link. :S

The end-user can press “backspace” this allow return to the previus page. If the user “spam” the backspace (this is: send backspace multiples times) the .exe will crash too.

Note: I don’t test in 1.7 version, because this not have a PHP 7.

Fix: Use the Javascript to prevent click in the Backspace, but this not work very well!

Thank you for this bug report. We’ll try to reproduce it and find a solution.