Bitdefender exploit


Last update of bitdefender makes that now it stops exeoutput apps loading, with alert to have possible exploit.
Here is the link about exploit
Bitdefender exploit
Any possible way to escape from that issue ?

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Maybe it is coming form mysql compiled in exe.
If it is so, is it possible, for next version, to add the possibility to compiled or not mysql in exe ?


I mean the driver or dll for Mysql …

Are you still getting the BitDefender problem?
And what did you mean by I mean compiling the driver or dll for Mysql into the EXE file? The PHP MySQL extensions are already by default compiled into the EXE.

Yes, I am still having the same alert.

I was thinking that the alert of exploit was coming from MySQL extension, this is why I propose a choice to complile it or not, for example sqlite does’t need MySQL extensions.

But it is just an assumption, maybe the alert come from other reason.

It is a problem for many of my customers are using Bitdefender actually …and many are really fear as well …

If you can resolve it, that will be a motivation to carry on with your app …for next renew

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Well, today no more exploit alert on new exe project created.
Don’t know what you have done, contact with bitdefender team maybe, but, at the moment, there is no more exploit alert …

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