Bookmark Question and Confirmation

When creating a bookmark, are there two items being saved, filename and description, what the user can change when creating a bookmark? I know what can be changed is using the title name.

I have looked through the dialog boxes for the favorites and I’m not seeing what I need.

I have four framesets, two with 6 frames, non registered and two with 5 frames, registered. Each article page controls what frameset is used and what files get loaded in each remaing 3 sub frames, as needed. The banner is the same for all and the footer is for non registered users only. This is working great.

My problem, when bookmarking a page in a frameset, it is actually bookmarking the frameset page.

I only need to bookmark one location/frame, the page currently in the parent.mainwind.location. If called, the page will do the rest, as above.

Do you have any suggestions, on bookmarking and using framesets?


Right now, the program uses the URL returned by the webbrowser control. It does not take account of the currently-displayed frame. I’ll check whether we can improve this in the future (at least in Webbrowser publications).